About the artist

Aida Dapo, known by the pseudonym Idda van Munster is a Bosnian model and photographer who started her career in Sarajevo more than a decade ago. She began an English-language blog in 2013 on the website blogspot and her modelling career took off shortly thereafter. Blending a passion for photography, travel, vintage and ethnic fashion she shows you the world from her perspective pursuing beauty in everything around her. Idda is inspired by travelling to new places, people’s life stories and those raw and honest life chats when time seems to stand still. Her artistic self portraiture photography is inspired by poetry, dreams and her emotions and could be perceived as one of the mirrors to her soul, as they are deeply personal, intimate and intriguing. Idda is doing her own makeup, hairstyles as well as styling in most of her shots. She worked with world known designers in the vintage inspired fashion world such as Lena Hoschek, Franziska Schlupski, Ginger Jackie, Behida Dolić and worked for brands such as My Sleeping Gypsy, Top Vintage, Hester Bly and many others. For the past six years Aida resides in Dubai from where she connects easily with the rest of the world and where she continues to create and manage all types of projects.

Others about Aida:

“Aida is an inspiration. She has the kindest heart and artistic soul. She is beautiful inside out. Her ability to see the beauty in everything that surrounds her is impressing, she is sharing this beauty everywhere she goes. Her way of being an influencer has nothing to do with commercial motivation, she is just being true to who she is, enjoying the process of connecting with people through the social media or in the real life. When we’ve met, her honesty and purity made me feel very comfortable and open very fast. I could say she is real. She is someone with whom I would be confident to do business. I felt It will be a pleasure to work on one creative project together, which we did. It was great to see how responsible and organized she was preparing to our meetings, exploring herself in the new artistic field. I can say she is a true artist. I admire a lot her creative research lately, with the self portraits during the social isolation time. In her works, I see the concept and the réalisation of a very high aesthetic level. She is a strong woman, supportive and loving.” — Katya Hermann, My Sleeping Gypsy

“I first got to work with Idda a few years back when I booked her as a model for my „Femme totale“ catalogue in 2014. It became clear really soon that she’s not only a pretty face in my clothes but a true testimonial for my brand with a huge following. Making every dress her own in the best of ways, she transcends femininity and luxury, never loosing her vintage air - these days we would just call it timeless…I never looked for testimonials who changed their style according to their sponsors or current trends no matter how great their media impact... Only a woman with her very own sense of style who puts her personality above fashion would work as a true testimonial for me - in Idda I found a perfect match. She also doesn’t bend towards fast fashion and rather supports small labels - that’s what I’m looking for in any person: a firm attitude not easily corrupted Idda is not only a stunning beauty and complete professional but also a very loving, kind and warm person. She talks to people - even only through a photo.” — Lena Hoschek, Austrian designer

“Idda has been our testimonial since several years. Like no other she embodies everything we stand for and always exceeds our expectations with her unique work. Every single picture of Idda shows strong passion and she always manages to spread important messages with her work. Pure elegance, unconventional creativity, a remarkable sense for aesthetics and professionalism paired with an endearing character and a big heart - that’s how we know Idda. Over the years she has become far more than just a cooperation partner for us. Idda is a dear friend and a huge inspiration. It’s always a pleasure working with her.” — Sella Vargün, PR Representative at Lena Hoschek

“I have had a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Aida at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. As a social influencer primarly using Instagram as her main platform, she did and still does a wonderful job. Her content is always unique, relevant and aesthetically appealing. Being loyal to our agreement, she provided all deliverables and were an absolute pleasure to work with. It is so precious to work with artists who stay loyal to their own style and yet make sure their business partners receive a desired results. Aida is definitely one of those true gems in a modern influencers world.” — Dinora Shamirazeva, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island